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Show Schedule



We exhibit at shows or by appointment


Call Bob LeBlanc at 727-809-1691 to inquire



We have decided to eliminate all shows (with an occasional rare exception) except for the monthly West Palm Beach Antique Festival where we have established a presence since 1995 and the annual Hula Hula Production Florida Memorabilia and Highwaymen Show which we've been heavily involved with since its beginning about a decade ago.


Free Florida art appraisals at the show!


The West Palm Beach Antiques Festival; West Palm Beach, FL

Formerly DMG World Media Antique Show, formerly The Piccadilly Antique Show

(We've attended almost every West Palm Beach show since 1996)

State Fairgrounds, Southern Blvd.

First full weekend of every month


Friday: 12pm - 5pm | Saturday: 9am - 5pm | Sunday: 10am - 4:30pm

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You might have seen us at these shows we've done in the past



Scott's Monthly Antique Show, Atlanta, GA

1999 - 2001

Reason: With travel, it simply took too many days out of every month.



The Mount Dora Show, Mt. Dora, FL

1995 - 2002

Reason:  Due to the risky nature of Florida weather, we no longer do outdoor shows.



AK Productions, Tallahassee, FL

1999 - 2006

Reason: Promoter fell ill and cancelled show indefinitely.



Jacksonville Beaches Women's Club Annual Antiques Show & Sale, Jacksonville Beach, FL

2004 - 2007



Hula Hula Productions, St. Petersburg, FL



Gainesville Women's Club, Gainesville, FL



St. Augustine Antique Show, St. Augustine, FL



The Tampa Antique & Collectibles Fair, Tampa, FL



Melbourne Antiques Show and Sale, Melbourne, FL



Please contact us at HWYMNBNB@aol.com if you have any questions.


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